MonuMental Art Show by Saint Hoax

“The Egg”, one of Beirut’s most iconic buildings, is finally open to the public, but only for the week end. Destined to become a cinema in the 60’s, it was destroyed during the civil war, and has been a constant reminder of Beirut’s history and character ever since. And like everything in this city, every sign of progress is a result of personal initiative. Saint Hoax, an anonymous artist mostly known for his “POPlitically incorrect” art pieces, hosts his third solo expo.


You are greeted by an inflatable Trump Tank at the entrance of the venue, and then make your way inside the building. In the main hall, an animation is projected onto the big wall in the back, where Saint Hoax’s designs create a story along Marilyn Monroe’s  unforgettable presidential happy birthday audio. Oil paintings and lenticular prints are placed along the stairs of the theater, where you have to make your way in the crowd to observe each piece up close.

True to his style, Saint Hoax’s work revolves around political figures in drag and commits to a cartoonish feel in most of his pieces. Iconic personalities in both the local and international scenes, such as Jackie Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Frida Kahlo and Fairuz make an appearance in his carefully crafted paintings. His art is engaging and presents a platform to discuss many of today’s pressing issues.

It was a breath of fresh air to see such a big crowd interested in attending the art expo, and even more exciting to get an insider’s look on the mysterious Egg building.

NOTES: the expo is running till October 14th 2018, and the use of the masculine pronoun is not an indication to Saint Hoax’s gender identity, but solely used for practicality. 

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