Secondary characters better than the main ones

1- Titus Adromedon from The Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt 

Everybody deserves a Titus in their lives. He’s a f*cking legend – everything he says is a catch phrase and makes you want to snap your fingers in a Z formation, his attitude is flawless and his friendship is what I aspire to have in my life. He tells you off to your face, but always got your back. 

2- Gina Linetti from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Confidence? Check! Flawless comebacks? Check! Brings out your inner Goddess? Check! Isn’t Gina Linetti more of a state of mind? 

3- Fez from That 70’s Show

A foreign exchange student in Winsconsin in the 70’s? If someone like Fez doesn’t deserve his own damn show, I don’t know who does! He dances, cross dresses and rolls his Rs, the guy is a superstar. Just imagine the whole show from his perspective. 

4- Donna Paulsen from Suits 

Between being the best secretary the whole industry has, keeping tabs on her friendships and putting out fires, this badass holds the world in the palm of her hand. She is gorgeous mind, body and soul.

5- Taystee aka Tasha Jefferson from OINTB

This woman is baws! If she wasn’t stuck in a shambled life due to a broken system, she would’ve made congress. 

6- Troy Barnes & Abed Nadir from Community

Troy and Abed in the morning should’ve been for real…. #justsaying 

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