Signs your BFF’s “Game of Thrones” obsession needs an intervention

Let me start by putting it out there into the universe, I have never watched a single Game of Thrones episode … ever, not once, not even a little bit. My best friend on the other hand has religiously followed every GOT update, episode, character development, fan theories, you name it!

A few days ago, we were catching up over the phone given that we are currently maintaining a long distance friendship, and out of the 65 min long call, Dina spent 45 min in the subject of GOT. And then it hit me, Dina is fully obsessed, maybe a little more than anybody should. Here are the signs that are making me consider organizing an intervention:

1- When your sole reason of anxiety is directly correlated to GOT. Forget work, life’s hardships and global warming, GOT related content, or the lack of, is what gets Dina’s heart rate to a resting 100 beats per minute.

2- When you have squeezed out all of the internet’s GOT analysis, reports, fan theories, speculations, spoilers and interviews – instead of taking a cleansing break, she goes on to open a Reddit account – the hub of super fans and GOT enthusiasts, the type that would cosplay in bed the scene between Arya and Gendry (again, I have never watched an episode, so I’m not sure who these characters are, I just heard their names at the office’s water cooler)

3- When you start following an account called “The Real Friki Doctor”

This dude is more pimpin’ than I’ll ever be!

4- When you decide to learn Spanish just because “The Real Friki Doctor” only posts Spanish material.

5- When your anxiety skyrockets the moment you discover “The Real Friki Doctor” is no longer allowed to speak about GOT till the end of days. Maybe even tear up a little… I don’t know, Dina would never admit it, but I can see it happening

6- When the only criteria for meeting new people is the fact that they watch GOT and are willing to discuss it for hours. OR when you make it so clear that you’re not willing to hang out with an old school friend you randomly bumped into in the street, because you have a date with a GOT episode.

7- When you host a BBQ every Sunday for a GOT viewing party at your place – themed BBQ for that matter.

Game Of Thrones Family Dinner GIF by Sky - Find & Share on GIPHY

8- When you contemplate breaking up a 7+ years friendship, cause said friend doesn’t watch GOT. But I’m glad she looked past my flaw.

I’m John Travolta in this scenario

9- When you get kicked out of a WhatsApp group where the only rule is not to reveal any spoilers or react to any scene. Dina couldn’t hold herself… she got kicked out twice already.

Love you D! ❤

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